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We are on a Mission to Empower Girls in the Tech World .

We are an online community that provides meaningful education while preparing young girls at an early age for the big league and high-growth digital skills.

Empowerment Lab is a

data science-backed intuitive matching program that correlates

students’ interests and strengths to specific digital courses taught by an industry professional.

Our unique approach

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Girls explore different digital tools to find a subject that resonates with their personality and interests.

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Develop skills in-depth

Girls develop digital skills together with their peers in an engaging way and at their own pace.

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Build self-confidence

Girls learn how the digital skills they are mastering can be applied to future prospective careers.

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Behind Empo and every empowered girl


Marija Musja

We should be raising
girls’ self-esteem

in the field of tech by expanding their understanding of different career opportunities that are available in the world of digital technologies and letting them play and experiment with different tools and subjects to find a career that truly resonates with each girl’s individual curiosity.

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My experience in
different industries,

such as human rights advocacy, company building, and project management led me to realize that deciding on a career in your most formative years is more stressful than it is hopeful.

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For over four years, I ran
a nonprofit association

to organize virtual online courses for girls in the field of digital education. This allowed me to observe each girl’s unique character, motivation, and learning needs.

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I believe education
should serve

as a tool to help young girls explore their abilities and talents. By connecting young girls with career professionals and industry experts, I want this online academy to open doors and provide limitless possibilities and a future full of thriving women.

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Event (ENG)

Campus Biotech

Empowerment Lab is a girl-led association committed to providing meaningful learning for every girl in Switzerland.

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Podcast (ENG)

Instant Cactus

For this new episode I am delighted to speak with Marija Musja, human rights advocate & founder of Empowerment Lab.

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Interview (F)

Play RTS

Propositions of educational solutions to secure scientific & technological materials. Invitée Silvia Conz.

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Event (FR)


Empowerment Lab présente un évènement spécial "Découverte des Métiers Numériques En Ligne" pour les filles âgées de 12 à 18 ans.

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Event (FR)

Déverrouille ton avenir avec Empowerment Lab! Avez-vous déjà discuté avec vos enfants de ce qu'ils veulent être dans le futur?

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Article (ENG)

Global Geneva

Marija Musja is a human rights lawyer and activist having worked on high profile cases for Amnesty International and the OSCE.

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Article (FR)

Global Geneva

«Nous souhaitons aider les jeunes filles à prendre confiance en elles et à découvrir des domaines qu’elles ne connaissent pas assez bien», explique Marija Musja.

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Article (FR)

Pour ce nouvel épisode en anglais du podcast Instant Cactus je suis ravie de m'entretenir avec Marija Musja, la fondatrice d'Empowerment Lab.

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