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Our virtual creative tech hub for girls aged 12-18 years old.

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  • Storytelling
  • Digital Art & Design
  • Data Science
  • Game Development
  • Programming
  • Digital Media

Storytelling Using Digital Characters
Storytelling Using Digital Media
Storytelling Using Data Analysis
Interactive Presentation 'Prezi'

Game Design
Data Visualisation
Pixel Art

Storytelling Using Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Data Visualisation
Interactive Presentation 'Prezi'

Game Development
Game Design

HTML Programming
Game Development

HTML Programming
Interactive Presentation 'Prezi'

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Creative Tech

Our world is undergoing a massive technological shift. By 2025, one third of the most important skillsets in the workplace will be digital.
Due to long-standing stereotypes of the role of girls and women, they have all too often been excluded from shaping technological developments in society. Tech is still seen by many as the preserve of boys and men.

To spark girls’ natural interest in digital technologies, we expose them to the thriving world of technology and allow them to learn at their own pace. Through our courses we are letting young girls play with different types of digital technologies as they explore new skills by creating real projects alongside their peers.

Everyone gravitates towards different things, learns differently, and at a different pace. Consequently, TECH education should be multifaceted. Not everyone needs to be a coder, but everyone should be able to discover the dozens of varied skills and career opportunities available that go beyond programming. 

Meet Our Creative Tutors

EMPLAB tutors are young women from diverse backgrounds with all the right skills who lead with passion and are eager to share their knowledge with you. 

Julie Thornhill


Júlia Veloso


Lisa Manolache


What's Next?

Become A Girl With A Plan

Alongside our courses, our Empowerment Lab hub of Creative Aces is available to inspire you to follow your dreams and help you better understand different career opportunities and core skills available that will make you stand our from the crowd.

Once registered, you can have access to our hub compiled of more than 50 videos of interviews with Aces. 

Are you passionate about a particular subject or field but don’t really know how to create a career out of it?  
Let us know and we will help you find a tutor who can show you the path.

Why Are We Here For You?

We believe education should champion exploration and discovery of new and creative skills. Driven by the the commitment to support young girls and women from 12 to 18 years old to launch their dreams, we are connecting their personal interests with potential life projects.

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