Storytelling Through Digital Media

Introductory level and filled with creativity, this instructor-led course exposes girls to art of storytelling:
Girls learn photo-editing skills.
All the content is developed during the course.
Photo edit created by Mariam, 14 years old.
By the end of the course, girls create their own websites.
- Logo development
- Content creation
- Storytelling
Website created by Daria, 11 years old.
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Your experiences, passions, dreams and concerns are all part of your story – and these stories are valuable to the world. Learn how to tell a story through the exploration of the most popular digital tools by creating illustrations with power, purpose and impact. Play with these skills and discover ways of expressing yourself in the digital world, a field that truly relates with your personality and technical abilities. 


Tutorial 1: Storytelling – Discover, Build and Present Your Story

In this tutorial, girls will be introduced to Storyboarding and Storytelling. It is an icebreaker to allow girls to discover what their story is and launch into building and sharing with their peers. 

Tutorial 2: Photo Editing – Learn How Pictures Are Manipulated On Social Media

This tutorial explains to girls the concepts of Photo-editing and Manipulation. In this second tutorial girls begin to familiarize themselves with software such as Photoshop, and understand how the images they see on social media, in films and around them are altered. From here, they can become architects of their own reimagined visuals.

Tutorial 3: WordPress – Reach A Global Audience Through Your Own Website

Girls will be shown how they can use and navigate WordPress in this tutorial. They will create their own websites using the WordPress software and express the ideas and interests they wish to share. with their digital audience.

Tutorial 4: HTML Programming – Understand The Logic of Coding, A Skill That You Consume Everyday

During this tutorial, girls will expriment with HTML Programming. It will permit them to see how coding is not a distant skill, but rather a purposeful one by guiding them into the basics of programming to prepare them for creating their own website.

Online Course 

Our online course offers girls a similar experience to that of a live classroom.

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Storytelling doesn’t just happen only through words. In the era of digital technology and the power of social media, the ability to create an interesting and engaging story through visuals – this might be just the most important skill to have in the 21st Century.


Julie Thornhill is a professional storyteller working in the field of branding and communication. Julie is passionate about stories and enjoys sharing her experience with young girls to support them in expressing their creative self. 

What do people say?

I didn't know how to create a website or tell a story through pictures before. I don't think I would have been able to do it on my own, and doing it like this, as a fun activity, made it seem interesting and motivating doing it.
My daughter attended the recent Empowerment Lab. She has already taken several 'girls coding' classes, but none of them have really appealed to her. Her experience with EMPLAB was extremely positive...she came home talking at length about day 1 and could not wait to get back for day 2. She learned graphic design and how to create a real website in just a single weekend, and she proudly shared the website's link with family and friends.
What was also very interesting, especially for teenage girls, is how the lab taught that images are manipulated in the media and on social networks. It is easier for girls to have a positive body image when they understand the pictures the see everyday in the media are actually manipulated. This lesson was well-reinforced by the girls learning how to manipulate photographs themselves in Photoshop (of other subjects).
SF Carroll