Introductory level, this four tutorial and instructor-led course introduces students to Data science:
Girls learn how to present their own interests and ideas using data.
Presentation and graphs created by Alicia, 14 years old.


Are you concerned by the increasing stress nature and our planet are under? Concerned by the threat of our quality of life and those of endangered animals? This course explores how data can become a practical and powerful tool to protect and speak on Life on Land

If you’ve never heard about Big Data, join this course and analyse the latest available data on disappearing species to support your opinions through creating a compelling a story. Become powerful and confident with using data.


Tutorial 1: Storytelling – Discover The Power Of Numbers

In this tutorial, girls will be introduced to Storytelling through Data. It permits young girls to witness the ways in which numbers tell an impactful story by looking at the different examples of stories through data.

Tutorial 2: Data Analysis – Play With Real World Information 

Through this tutorial, girls will dive into Data Analysis. They will be equipped to experiment with real world numbers and figures as well as extracting current information from reliable sources for their investigation. 

Tutorial 3: Data Visualisation – Transform Numbers Into A Visual Story 

This tutorial will teach girls Data Visualisation. Girls will take steps to transform numbers into a powerful message through graphs, maps, pie charts and much more.

Tutorial 4: Interactive Presentation ‘Prezi’ – How To Turn Your Opinion Into Impactful Visual Presentations

During this tutorial, girls will master the most advanced interactive software, Prezi. They will be equipped to exhibit their powerful opinions supported by their data findings.  

Online Course 

Our online, instructor-led course offers girls a similar experience to that of a live classroom.

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  • Improves critical thinking to make decisions based on facts and figures
  • Develops research, analytical and attention to detail skills
  • One of the most in-demand skills on the job market 


Julia Veloso is passionate about Data Science and is actively engaged in helping the global humanitarian world through data analysis at Impact Initiatives. Julia continues her studies at International University of Geneva.