Storytelling through Digital Media Course | French (15th – 17th)




Empowerment Lab courses are sponsored by the Federal Bureau for Equality between Women and Men whom are supporting the organisation with the financial aid provided for by the Equality Act.

Only an attendance fee applies: CHF 60.-

Online classroom | Language: French | Age: 12-15 years old.

Time: 10:00 -15:00/per day (lunch break from 12:00 – 13:00).



  1. Sean C.

    My daughter attended the recent Empowerment Lab course. She had taken several ‘coding for girls’ classes before, but she didn’t really like any of them. Her experience with Empowerment Lab was overwhelmingly positive … she came home talking at length about Day 1 and couldn’t wait to return for Day 2. She learned graphic design and how to build a real website in one. single weekend, and she proudly shared the website link with family and friends. What was also very interesting, especially for teenage girls, was how the lab taught that images are manipulated in media and on social media. It is easier for girls to have a positive body image when they understand that the images they see in the media every day are actually being manipulated. This lesson was well reinforced by the girls who learned to manipulate photos themselves with Photoshop.

  2. Mylène Mansourian Samsam

    This course was super cool and I am very happy to have been able to create my own site, on which I can write about my canaris and tell their stories… Thanks again to the Team!! 🙂

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