Storytelling through Data Analysis Course (21/12/20 – 23/12/20)


Empowerment Lab’s Storytelling through Data Analysis Course.

Online Course:
Link to the online room will be shared 24 hours before the start of the course.
Each participant should have an access to a computer with fully functional camera and microphone and; with a modern browser like Chrome or Safari.


Online classroom, Language: French, Age: 12-15 years old.

Time: 10:00 -15:00/per day (lunch break from 12:00 – 13:00).

Are you concerned by the increasing stress nature and our planet are under? Concerned by the threat of our quality of life and those of endangered animals? This course explores how data can become a practical and powerful tool to protect and speak on Life on Land.

If you’ve never heard about Big Data, join this course and analyse the latest available data on disappearing species to support your opinions through creating a compelling a story. Become powerful and confident with your data.


Tutorial 1: Storytelling:  Discover The Power Of Numbers

Tutorial 2: Data Analysis: Play With Real World Information 

Tutorial 3: Data Visualisation: Transform Numbers Into A Visual Story  

Tutorial 4: Interactive Presentation – Prezi: How To Turn Your Opinion Into Impactful Visual Presentations

Tutorials and courses are currently free because The Federal Office for Equality between women and men is supporting Empowerment Lab with the financial aid provided for by the Equality Act.

Empowerment Lab aims to provide a hub for young girls to come and learn together, however we do not exclude boys from attending our courses and tutorials.


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