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Empowerment Lab tutorials are sponsored by the Federal Bureau for Equality between Women and Men whom are supporting the organisation with the financial aid provided for by the Equality Act.

MARCH 2021

Our available tutorials for girls aged 12-18 years old.

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This tutorial explains to girls the concepts of Photo-editing and Manipulation. Girls begin to familiarize themselves with photo-editing software, and understand how the images they see on social media, in magazines and around them are altered. From here, they can explore their creativity and become architects of their own reimagined visuals. Learn more here.

Through this tutorial, girls will be shown  how to Pixel Art. It will demonstrate how their imaginative characters can come to life through pixelated manipulation – transforming their creative thoughts into tangible beings. Learn more here.

Through this tutorial, girls will dive into Data Analysis. They will be equipped to experiment with real world numbers and figures as well as extracting current information from reliable sources for their investigation on Life on Land. Learn more here.

In this tutorial girls will dive into designing and creating their own website using  one of the popular platforms in the world – WordPress. They will create their own personalized websites to communicate their stories and share it with their digital audience. Learn more here.

This tutorial will expose girls to Game Art. They will illustrate and map the digital world of their choice. Girls will become architects of their environment through game design. Learn more here.

This tutorial will teach girls Data Visualisation. Girls will take steps to transform numbers into a powerful message through graphs, maps, pie charts and much more. Learn more here.

This tutorial will teach girls how to compose and produce their own game. They will set up a game and will immerse themselves in Construct 3 – a quick creation of games’ visual programming. Learn more here.

During this tutorial, girls will master the most advanced interactive software, Prezi. They will be equipped to exhibit their powerful opinions supported by their data findings. Learn more here.



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