Découverte des métiers numériques du futur - Évènement pour les filles de 12 à 18 ans
The Industry of the future
The Creative Digital World

creative tech


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Join the waiting list for our next career plan event

How do we make sure our girls are fluent in digital?

Girls should experience and get a sense of the future world of work from early on – to help them see the variety of career options and the skills required.

Empowerment Lab is presenting  a special Career Discovery Online event for girls aged 12-18 years old whereby they can interact and hear from inspiring young female professionals who found their way in the tech industry through art and creativity. 

Through various interactive speaker sessions, games, quizzes and prizes, girls will grasp the immense world of creative digital technologies and its unending career opportunities. 

About the event

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Coming from different backgrounds, interests and careers such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, medical illustrator and more, our 15 female professionals will share their experiences and journeys within the creative tech field with girls to let them better understand this inspirational industry. 

5 different sessions of (30 minutes each) are available.
By registering for the event, girls can choose the sessions that speak to them most or they can participate in the full collection of sessions to learn about all the different and unique careers.



10:15 – 10:30
Empowerment Lab et Canton de Genève

SESSION 1: 10h30 - 11h00
Backstage Pass:
Behind the scenes of Instagram





SESSION 2: 11h00 - 11h30
Shop in every language:
How buying online became so easy





SESSION 3: 11h30 - 12h00
Art & Design = Technology:
The value of creativity in digital tech world




SESSION 4: 13h00 - 13h30
Choose your future:
Inspiring careers in innovation and technology





SESSION 5: 13h30 - 14h00
AI & Online Wonder Girls




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Julia Kirchner
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Thanks to Marija Musja and Empowerment Lab for proposing Pixel Art course! Carolina is enjoying the learning experience and is happy to be creating a video game. Patience and perseverance is key for such a journey and I am excited to see the outcome 😃​
Sean Carroll
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Not only is Empowerment Lab fighting against inequity and injustice, they are offering an amazingly interesting and fun course in technology for teenage girls. I haven't heard of a course quite like theirs, that offers the full concept-to-website flow, including learning graphic design tools. Amazing job!
Lina SamSam
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The course was super cool and I am very happy to have been able to create my own site, on which I can write about my canaris and tell their stories. Thanks again to the Team!! 🙂​
Veronica P.
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I am sitting with my daughter and she is having a lot of fun. She actively participates - the teacher is really encouraging and makes sure everyone is involved. I am really impressed. Thank you!
Sean C.
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My daughter attended the recent Empowerment Lab course. She had taken several 'coding for girls' classes before, but she didn't really like any of them. Her experience with Empowerment Lab was overwhelmingly positive...She learned graphic design and how to build a real website in one single weekend, and she proudly shared the website link with family and friends. What was also very interesting, especially for teenage girls, was how the lab taught that images are manipulated in media and on social media. It is easier for girls to have a positive body image when they understand that the images they see in the media every day are actually being manipulated. This lesson was well reinforced by the girls who learned to manipulate photos themselves with Photoshop.
Christine D.
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First of all, a huge thank you to the Empowerment Lab team! Maelyse is absolutely delighted with the internship. She had a great time, is proud of the skills she learned and spent a fair amount of time showing us what she had learned. The pace and number of hours was perfect, the support very professional. We wish you a very nice end of the year and good luck with your activities, thank you again!
Susan I. Strba
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Thanks Ivy and your team. Miriam really enjoyed the class. Thank you for everything.
Maria Teresa
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Thank you very much for the interesting course, Giulia has enjoyed it very much.
Mylène SamSam
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Another HUGE thank you for the SUPER GIRLS EMPOWERMENT sessions !!! Lina is very happy and her daddy and grandparents loved it :-)
Sonia Paget
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My daughter participates in these events and leaves enriched. I highly recommend this great opportunity. 😃