Introductory level and filled with creativity, this instructor-led course exposes girls to art of storytelling:
If you've never tried creating your own game, this is for you.
Transform one simple idea into a video game, from scratch.
Game created by Louise, 12 years old.
Discover the world of
Digital Art & Game Creation.
Explore your creativity.
Game design created by Maëva, 12 years old.
Introductory level and
instructor-led course.
Little by little, with you, we will get there.
Game character created by Louise, 12 years old.
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Are you curious to explore your creativity? Travel through your imagination and transform one simple idea into a video game. Learn about the game development industry and create magic through the technical tools this course will offer. 


Tutorial 1: Storytelling – Bring Your Imagination to Life

This tutorial will introduce girls to Storytelling. They will recognize how to use their creative magical thoughts to envision digital characters and storylines to then share with their fellow peers. 

Tutorial 2: Pixel Art – Once Upon A Pixel Time  

Through this tutorial, girls will be shown  how to Pixel Art. It will demonstrate how their imaginative characters can come to life through pixelated manipulation – transforming their creative thoughts into tangible beings. 

Tutorial 3: Game Design – Design Your Digital World  

After having created their digitized  characters, this tutorial will expose girls to Game Art. They will illustrate and map the digital world of their choice. Girls will become architects of their environment through game design. 

Tutorial 4: Game Development – Construct Your Own Game In Minutes 

Following the modeling of their digital world and characters, this tutorial will teach girls how to Game Design. They will set up a game and will immerse themselves in Construct 3 – a quick creation of games’ visual programming. 

Online Course 

Our online course offers girls a similar experience to that of a live classroom.

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  • A recent study reveals that playing video games under certain conditions is linked to improved creativity.
  • The game development industry may be considered a playground for creative minds. 
  • A team of game developers is made up of audio experts, designers, writers, programmers, concept artists, 2D artists, 3D artists, technical directors, and creative directors to name a few. 


Lisa Manolache is a passionate game developer with a degree in Art & Design. Lisa started to develop an interest in video games since she was little and now she is doing a Master’s Degree in Game Art and 3D Animation at SAE Institute in Geneva. Lisa is excited to help young girls explore their creativity through game development.